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A B O U T   M E

I am a French singer-songwriter of Latin and creole origin.

I grew up in Lyon where I grow up with jazz, world music, rock and pop music.


In 2002,  I flow  to Mexico City where  I studied latin music and joined various projects like Bucareli , the Salsa's Orchestra Of the CNA (Centre National Of Arts). I shared the stage with the singer Iraida Noriega, the drummer Gustavo Nandayapa, the flautist  Pablo Hidalgo Wong, the double bass player Chuco Mendoza  in severals festivals as The Kimera Festival, Ollin Kan and Venues like El Centro Cultural de España, El convite, Ollin Yoliztli and the Alliance Française. I also have had the opportunity to perform in a circus,  “Circo  de Mente”, Cecilia Rascon's children’s show and she recorded jingles for  Mexican television.

In 2009 I sang French music in the Cabaret Paris Chic.


I began to create  my  own  music and performing my songbook,  in duo  with  the talented guitarist Nacho Alcantara who made the arrangement of my songs in Mexico city.


In May 2012, I flow to London where I joined a latin project call Malphino.  I sang as lead vocal and participated in the music's composition. 

Also I began to sang Gypsy-Jazz Music and I realized that I am feeling  very close to it.

Currently I moved to Brighton where I follow to work on my original music's project that is a world fusion  music.  I am inspired by jazz, funk, afro and latin music as they are styles with which I grew up. The lyrics of my songs evoke profound themes, personal and universal, which depict society with a touch of love.

Moreover I lead  Aller-Retour, a Gypsy-Jazz, Waltz, and Bolero's acoustic band from the '20s to the '50s, a Tribute to Edith Piaf and I am part of the project Bucareli Nu-Jazz, electro-jazz.


My world



Rhythm, the beats of music. It carries the sound which flows throughout our essence, sustaining the existence which breathes harmony into life.



The voice is my main source of inspiration. It is the basis for my compositions, which are built by adding voices are instruments to a lead (loops). I enjoy recording vocals in this way. When I write, I outline the voices, which brings out the texture and gives it a harmonic shape.



Melodies of nomads that have crossed time and culture continue to inspire me, freeing my imagination, expresses my diverse background which results in a melting pot, a blend of sounds of sadness, laughter, fear and excitement.



Words are precious. They heal the world and release tension with words of pain, distress, consciousness, love and joy. This liberates all.




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