Surya-Anita sings Edith Piaf

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“No, I have no regret” says Edith Piaf because all that she done she done it for her passion that  gave her the strength to follow the worst situations.
Her music was often autobiographical with her singing reflecting her life, with her specialty being of chanson and ballads, particularly of love, loss and sorrow.

The sensitive vocals of Surya-Anita, french singer, carries the audience to another time, interpreting a large Piaf's repertoire, with very and less famous songs,  which reflect the passion recreating a part in each stage of Edith Piaf's career.


Surya-Anita and her acoustic band manage to capture the soul of Paris, and as they are all passionate by jazz music, a lot of songs are open to the improvisation.



La goualante du pauvre Jean 1953, song from Marguerite Monnot, lyrics from René Rouzaud.

Video made by Stephanie Casasola in 2015 at la Alianza Francesa de Texcoco in Mexico.

Padam Padam, 1951, song from Norbert Glanzberg, lyrics de Henri Contet.

Gig in the Seven Dials, London 2014.


- L'accordéoniste (1940, Michel Emer).  
- J'men fous pas mal/I souldn't care (1946 song by Michel Emer).  
- Dans ma rue (1946, composed by Jacques Datin). 
- C'était une histoire d'amour (1947, song by Jean Jal). 

- Sophie (1947, Composed by Norbert Glanzberg). 

- La vie en rose (1947, music by Louiguy, lyrics by Edith Piaf).
- Hymne à l'amour (1949, lyrics by Edith Piaf, music by Marguerite Monnot).  
- Sous le ciel de paris (1951, Lyrics by Jean Dréjac  and music by Hubert Giraud, from the movie Sous le ciel de Paris by Julien Duvivier).  
- Padam Padam (lyrics by d'Henri Contet and music by Norbert Glanzberg, 1951).  
- La goualante du Pauvre Jean (1954, music by Marguerite Monnot, lyrics by René Rouzaud).  
- Non, je ne regrette rien (1956, lyrics by Michel Vaucaire, la musique de Charles Dumont.)  
- L'homme à la moto (1956, adaptation of Jean Dréjac of the american rock'n'roll, Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots by Jerry       

  Leiber & Mike Stoller knows by their work with Elvis Presley).  
- La foule (Peruvian Waltz origine Argentine, Lyrics  from  Michel Rivegauche in 1957).  
- Mon manège à moi (1958, music by Norbert Glanzberg, lyrics by Jean contanstin).  
- Milord (1959, lyrics by Georges Moustaki, music by Marguerite Monnot). 
- Qu'il était triste cet anglais (1961, song by Charles Dumont).  
- A quoi ça sert l'amour (1962, song by Michel Emer).

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Radio Ruido Blanc

Interview for the anniversary of 100 years of the birth of Edith Piaf in the radio program Boutique Sonora in Mexico City.